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    Assigning ArrayCollection items to a single Object

    HyderAlamgir Level 1

      I have an arraycollection of product_items

      product_item is an object with name, price, and description


      And I have an object dataRequest

      dataRequest values are assigned as such...


      dataRequest = ({ AMT: orderTotal, NAME: txiName.text, ... etc });



      Now how do I assign each product_item's name and price as separate elements of dataRequest...


      Like this,


      dataRequest = ({ AMT: orderTotal, NAME: txiName.text, 
                     ITEM1_NAME: product_items[0].name, ITEM1_PRICE: product_item[0].price,
                     ITEM2_NAME: product_items[1].name, ITEM2_PRICE: product_item[1].price,
                     ITEM3_NAME: product_items[2].name, ITEM3_PRICE: product_item[2].price,
                     ... till number of product_items in arraycollection });
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          m_hartnett Level 3

          You can throw it into a loop and create the object;














          function buildObj():void {



               var ac:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection()


               var o1:Object = new Object();

               o1.name =







              o1.price = 200.00



               var o2:Object = new Object()

               o2.name =







               o2.price = 1000.00






               var dataRequest:Object = new Object()


               for(var i:int = 0;i<ac.length;i++) {




          "prodName" + i] = ac.getItemAt(i).name;



          "prodPrice" + i] = ac.getItemAt(i).price;








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            Barna Biro Level 3

            This is more of a pseudo-code so don't copy-paste and run it because it will surely not work but it will hopefully put you on the right track:


                import flash.display.Sprite;
                public class CollectionExample extends Sprite
                    private var product_items:ArrayCollection = [];
                    private var _dataRequestObj:Object = new Object();
                    private var _parsedData:Object = new Object();
                    public function CollectionExample()
                        _parsedData.AMT = orderTotal;
                        _parsedData.NAME = txiName.text;
                        _parsedData.ITEMS = new ArrayCollection();
                        var itemDetails:Object;
                        for each (var collectionItem:Object in product_items)
                            itemDetails = new Object();
                            itemDetails.name = collectionItem.name as String;
                            itemDetails.price = collectionItem.price as Number;


            It would not produce the exact structure you wanted but it should put you on the right track.


            Best regards,

            Barna Biro