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    A personal note

      Today is my first official day of retirement from a job I held for nine years.

      It was a second career. The first ran nearly 30 years in newspapers as a reporter, editor, news editor, layout man and (deputy) business editor, with a "minor" in newsroom technology. As typewriters and pencil editing were pushed aside by what used to be called "word processing," I became one of the "newsroom teckies" who learned to use new techology and helped train the others while keeping my day job as an editor.

      Eventaully, as I fled from daily journalism, I sought a spot with a company that needed to tell its software clients and end users how their applications work and how to work the applications. It was a logical progression, and I was fortunate to find such a place to start over without really starting over.

      It was a good fit for me and, like many folks in these forums, I turned to RoboHelp as the h.a.t. of choice. I'm glad I did so, and all the happier that I stayed with it during the uncertainty that led to Adobe's current commitment to build a better mousetrap in close cooperation with the mice . . . or with the mice trappers, at least.

      Let's move away from that metaphor.

      Whatever my accomplishments, to the extent they were successes, I owe gratitude to colleagues in RH general discussion, WebHelp and printed doc forums. I've come to think of several as old chums and greatly regret that I couldn't travel to meet you in some professional setting. For now, let me just say thanks, and goodbye.

      It may happen that I'll pick up some temp or part-time gigs, requiring me to stay on top of RH and Captivate and hang around here from time to time. But if not, I've had a heck of a good time here.


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Harvey

          We will miss you if you won't be posting day to day. But don't be a stranger! We are all better off having had you and your insights around.

          Best wishes for your retirement. Rick
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            I second Rick's response and hope you enjoy a long retirement.

            What many of you may not know is that Harvey has been behind many of the items on the Browsers page on my site. This has been very useful and I have valued Harvey's input so many thanks for that Harvey.

            Distance has separated us but if your retirement brings you to the UK, you better look me up. No excuses. I am only 25 minutes from Heathrow.

            Good luck.

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              Linux Rules Level 2
              Hello Harvey -

              So, what will be your third career? You sound like the type of person who wouldn't be happy unless you are doing something. Don't be a stranger here as we need your help! Oh, and so does a company in Dallas (see their plea for help in another thread).

              If you make it out to Denver, please look me up - I'll buy the first round.

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                Gravenstein Level 2
                Harvey -

                Thanks so much for all your help these many moons! I hope you have lots of fun with your retirement...in whatever way you choose to pursue it.

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                  johndaigle Level 4
                  Hey, Harvey!
                  After nearly 1,200 posts and helpful responses, you are really going to be missed. Come back and see us often.