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    Multicam and Audio question

    zvi_t Level 1

      When editing weddings, you have different audio tracks on each camera. Since when muticam editing in Premiere Pro, you edit in a nested sequence and the audio track can be only one track, how would I go about adjusting audio as I edit?


      By adjusting I mean when sometimes the cameraman will interview a guest during the dancing or there will be loud clapping from the audience and I will want to raise the volume of the audience track for those few moments but in the nested multicam sequence, I don't have both audio tracks... and even if I duplicate the audio in the target sequence, it doesn't help because since it's nested, you can't see the wave form of the audio. To have to keep going back to the target and navigating to the time I'm holding in my editing and adjusting the audio seems like a pain.


      How do you guys do this?



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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I've done it two ways.  When I have several complicated audio tracks, I create an audio sequence and edit the audio there.  Then I just nest that one sequence into the multicam target (and mute or delete the multicam audio track).  The video is usually not critical (e.g. a play, so one camera's video gives me what I need).


          I have also added the original audio clips to the multicam target sequence.  Since they are original clips, they have waveform.


          If you have made many cuts (ie. less continuious material), this will be challenging no matter what method you use.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I normally edit my multicam audio in the original sequence, which will show up in the nested multicam sequence if you replace the audio track with the original after you enable the multicamera capabilities of that sequence.