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    Can anyone help with the scripting on this file?

    Garry Bradley Level 1

      Hi, I hope someone with a bigger brain can help me out here.


      I've got an existing Flash CS3 file that makes up the result at http://www.infusion-set.com/flash/Elearning/Inset30/inset30_eguide.html.

      The client has asked if I could add an extra tab at the top after 'Reconnecting' called 'Contact Us' with link to an extra page. All the design has been done in ActionScript 2 with references to XML files for the dynamic content because it's been done in other languages as well.


      I've amended the existing XML file with the correct references for a new page and an accompanying .swf file to play in the animation area.


      I've attempted a .fla version where I duplicated one of the existing tabs script, changed the XML references and changed the variables where necessary to 'con or 'Con' (representing Contact Us). Unfortunately it made the tab menu go completely off the page and was obviously wrong in some way.


      Can anyone give me a clue as to what to change here on the original file as I'm a bit of a novice with ActionScripts, hence me asking.


      For reference I've attached HTML files with the original file scripts and my incorrect version. The  timeline is 103 frames with the scripts placed at frame 1 and 102