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    PC does'nt show QT

    Norma Männiste

      Hi! I have such a problem...I exported flash projects as QT from Flash MX2004 and imported them into director (MX2004). They play perfectly on mac but PC does'nt show them at all. Is there anything I could do?

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          Is this problem in a projector? Do you have Quicktime installed on the PC? Do you have the correct xtras included in the projector?

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            Norma Männiste Level 1

            Problem is already in a .dir file. They are present in cast but when I drag them on the stage, nothing comes. And I have QT 7, but when I try to play the files, it sais it's not a moviefile. Probably stupid question but do QTmovies exported from flash need some other player or?? Thanks anyway!!

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              Chunick Level 3

              QT video files do not get embedded in Director when they're imported - instead, they are linked to the external video file. So, my suggestion is to re-import the videos and whatever member they get imported into, just cut and paste those new video members over the old ones. That should preserve everything that you want preserved in Director but refresh the link to the vidoe files.