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    Underline text in datagrid

      I am using a datagrid to show an RSS feed on a static web site. The datagrid, by nature, highlights the row as you mouse over it. To blend in with the other sections of the html page, the client has requested that the text be underlined as you mouse over instead. Can anyone point me in the direction of accomplishing this?
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          Vanden_B Level 1
          If you have a loop to fill the datagrid, make an if-statement for which data you would have an underlined text.
          Within this if-statement make a ClassFactory variabele:
          var egRenderer : ClassFactory = new ClassFactory(EgRenderer);

          add this variabele to you datagrid:
          dg.itemRenderer = egRenderer;

          Make the EgRenderer. In here you can make a LinkButton with some textDecoration="underline" or so. You can style and do in here what you like.
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            Or try this...

            define a couple styles in a style block or style sheet. one with textDecoration: none; the other with textDecoration: underline;

            <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Task" visible="true" textAlign="left" width="280" showDataTips="true">
            <mx:Label text="{data.Name}" color="#68828F"

            define an itemClick custom event for the DataGrid and in the custom event function do something like this...

            /* process the click event on the datagrid only continue when 1st column is clicked*/

            //additional process here...

            Hope this helps.
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              This code undelines the text and creates a link as well.