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    Recording errors - captures couple slides, even though recording sound continues, and when you end says recording session still open




      I've been having a lot of trouble recording lately.  Doing auto recording for a training simulation and adding some manual recording.  Seems to be working fine while recording, here the clicking sound, but when I click end, only a few of the actions have been captured.  When I try to click record to pick up what I missed it says a Recording session is still in progress.  My only option is to exit Captivate and reopen the file.  However, when I try recording again, it's still only capturing a couple slides.  Will take a long time to get my project done at this pace. Have recently uninstalled and reinstalled C4, but didn't seem to help.  I am recording slowly and have lots of experience with Captivate 2 - thinking of switching back until the kinks are worked out.


      Any suggestions on what I can do to get the recording function to work properly?