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    Help!!!  Watermark printing problem


      I've asked this question before, which did not receive any Replies.  So, trying again.


      Created a Watermark on PDF using my office Vista computer with Acrobat 8.  After creating and inserting a text style watermark (COPY), the monitor's screen images of the pages show the watermark correctly and the watermarked pages print correctly.


      On that same office PC, but now viewing the watermarked document using Reader 8, the screen image is also fine and pages print correctly, as they appear on screen.


      When viewing the Watermarked PDF on my home office Vista computer using Reader 7, the on screen images show the watermarked pages correctly; however, when printing the pages the watermark word COPY prints with a solid white, rectangular behind it but on top of the documnet's original text.  In other words, the resulting printout looks like there is a white card with the word COPY on it, pasted at a 45 degree angle on top of the document text.  This "card like object" should not be there!


      I have 3 HP Printers hooked to my home PC: one Laser, one Desk Jet and one Photosmart.  And all these printers print the watermarked pages INCORRECTLY when viewing them and printing them with Reader 7.  I even e-mailed the watermarked PDF to my brother, who also has Reader 7 on his Vista PC and they also print incorrectly on his Dell Inkjet Printer ..... even though on his monitor the watermark on pages is correct visually.


      Is this printing issue something tied to a problem with Reader 7 (vs. Reader 8 or Acrobat 8)?

      Is it becasue the waterkmarks were placed in the document using Adobe 8?

      Or is it something else?


      This is driving me crazy and Adobe won't supply any help with Reader software (because it is free I guess?).  They jus refer me to the Watermark Help section, which simply tells me how to make one, place it, protect it, etc.  All stuff I already know how to do.


      Thanks in advance for any insight.



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It could be that the watermark feature (I don't remember) was created in Acrobat 8 and is not well support in Acrobat/Reader 7. Note that Reader 7 is not supported VISTA and it could be that it works fine in Reader under XP. It could be a printer driver related issue. If you are running VISTA you should be using at a minimum of Reader 8.1