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    Having problem with Premiere CS2 not recognising AVI from a still Camera?

    Michelmnr Level 1

      Wow, My first time back to the forum in 3 month and it's all new!

      Since I found "the" answer to a new problem I've encountered I'd like to share it.

      I filmed part of a wedding with a little canon still camera (S3IS) on a 4 gb SD card and when I tried to import some of the clips (AVI) in PP2 it failed. A msg told me that my clips were either on the wrong format or corrupted! Strange because I have done it b4 whithout problem and also the first 20 clips were ok. as for the others they opened normally on windows media player and also played ok on movie maker. I also tried to load them into SceneAnalyser Live but without success. However I decided to make a movie out of my problem clips on Movie Maker and ended up with a MVW file that loaded ok into premiere!  I tried to change the extention to this format but no go! I wonder if I converted all my faulty AVI files in this format wether it would work, most likely I imagine as I think this is what I actually did, but the long way around.Anyway it's quite a relief to know I will be able to use my clips.

      I'm sure someone knows what it's happening here...Eddy r u listening?

      Bye MM