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    Xerox Workcenter 5655 won't communicate page size changes


      I have a new Xerox Workcenter 5655 in the office and I do a lot of size adjustments from Adobe PDF.  For instance I will open up a sheet that is 30" x 42" (Architectural drawing size) and would like to print it on 11" x 17".  On the Canon we used to have, I could change the size under printer preferences and Adobe would be "notified" that the change was made and adjust the sheet accordingly, showing the adjustments with dimensions in the image pane.    There is no such communication with this machine.  I think it is a setting on the copier, but I am not smart enough to understand everything that is adjustable.  Does anyone know what is wrong?  I am using the newest driver Xerox provides, the copier is on a network, and I am lost.


      Side note, this issue also happens on our new Xerox Workcenter 7345 (color copier), but not on our new Xerox Phaser 3600 office printer.


      Thanks, Scott