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    Increasing Overall Movie Volume


      Hi - I have all the audio levels fine for my movie, and I just want to increase the overall movie voulme. How can I do this? I thought I could use the audio mixer - but I set the slider higher - but then it drops down again. I'm new so I don't know how everything works yet. Thank you

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Before you do anything, open your Audio Mixer. You don't want to judge your video's sound level by what you hear on your computer's speakers.


          The Audio Mixer can be opened by clicking the button the timeline, in versio 7, or by selecting it from the Window drop-down menu.


          You can raise or lower the volume for clips by raising and lowering the levels. You can also raise and lower the volume for entire tracks by going to sceneline mode and clicking on the track headers, to the left of each audio track, and raising and lowering the volume levels that appear.


          But watch those audio meters! You don't want them going much above zero! If you're seeing a lot of those meters peaking in the red, your levels are too high and your final output will sound fuzzy and overmodulated.

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            Rich_P7 Level 1

            Thanks Steve. I used the volume slider to the left side in the Sceneline, which worked nicely. I am a bit confused about how you change the levels in the audio mixer, because although I can move the volume slider it moves by itself back down to 0 again - within the same clip. Is this normal? If I put it up again then it falls back down again (almost immediaitely as the clip plays).

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, the Audio Mixer works better as an audio level monitor than a mixer, in my opinion.


              It's designed so that you can control the audio level as you're playing your movie. But that creates a lot of extra keyframes and can be quite messy.


              The method you're using -- in the sceneline -- is probably the easiest way to increase or lower volume for an entire track.


              The best way to adjust audio for individual clips in timeline mode is to drag the horizontal line that runs through the clips up or down. (There are also more advanced methods, including normalizing and keyframing, which I cover in my book.)


              But the key point is to watch those meters in the Audio Mixer! You don't want to overload (or underload) your audio!

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                Rich_P7 Level 1

                Ok Thanks - my levels are around 0 at the moment. I hope that's ok