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    Laundry List of feature requests


      I am a freelance retoucher and 3d illustrator but I have never posted here before, so I have a list of features & upgrades that I would love to see added to PS. In no particular order:


      - It would be great to have be able to define the number of segments the warp tool (command-T, then click on the little button at the top) has. A spot to enter the number of segments that you want horizontally and vertically would change this tool from helpful but difficult to a really great thing.


      - Please take a serious look at upgrading the sophistication of the spot color system. I do merchandising systems for a couple large restaurant chains and the spot color work that they need done often requires some major work-arounds to end of with channels that work, and then can be quickly updated when the client comes through with those last second changes.


      - There are times when I would like to be able to have multiple layer masks on one layer. I am aware of the trick of putting the layer into a group and adding a mask to the group, then a mask to the layer. This works, but is a hassle and leads to "layer jumble". Is it really hard to make multiple masks on the same layer?


      - This one is a little esoteric, but since there are now some 3d capabilities in PS I would like to see a system for camera matching. Since there is not a robust renderer in PS (yet), being able to export the solution to various 3d packages would be very welcome. While we are on the subject it would be great if Adobe worked with a vendor that has a strong renderer to be able to provide a built in renderer for PS. My suggestion would be contacting Brad Peebler at Luxology. They make the Modo 3d package, and already have provided their renderer as a built in solution for Solidworks and Bentley products.


      That is about it.


      Pat Dignan

      Image Arts

      www (dot) imageartsonline (dot) com

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 8

          Improved Warp and spot color integration are popular and longstanding feature requests, I guess, with which I certainly concur.


          Multiple Masks on a Layer seems redundant to me, because what You consider a workaround seems a sufficient implementation to me and the programming effort could possibly be spent more worthy elsewhere.


          My background is in image editing and prepress, so I hardly use the 3d-features currently, but any improvement there might certainly prove beneficial to less-3D-savvy like myself users in the long run.



          And finally I would like to point out that we are discouraged from posting these lists – even though I have done so myself in the past.

          But they make it harder for other users to identify relevant threads and also for Adobe-employees to assess the agreement any single feature request elicits.

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