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    Deadline Panic--Encore Subtitles Do Not Burn with DL link Project

    don solomon Level 1

      I have a big SD DV project that I DL ed to Encore where I did the usual Menu and Chapter Work, and this time I added subtitles.  They are made by the book, per the docs, as shown in the tutorials, and they preview perfectly from the Encore Monitor, as do all the other Encore parts.  The problem is that the subtitles not burn to the DVD--nada, nothing, zilch, zip, nicht.  Everything else burns from Encore CS4 and everything else works perfectly.


      I could have done the subtitles in PrCS4, but there were a lot and that operation simply goes a lot faster in Encore.  But, the choice to do it there may have been a major mistake.  However, I would like to salvage this if I can.  I simply cannot find where I have missed any steps!  It seems to me that if it previews in the Encore Monitor, it ought to burn.  I have only one subtitle track and one audio track, which ought to be in compliance with the DVD standard.


      I know this is perhaps not strictly the right forum, though it is related in essence because of the DL connectivity concept.  I have, of course, posed the question in the Encore Subtitles forum, but don't expect any response from there in anything short of a week.  Just not many posts ever in that forum.  And I know that a lot of users here also burn their projects with Encore.   Can anyone corroborate this as a bug, or tell me what might possibly be wrong?

      Thanks very much.