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    Problems With Audio/Picture Playback in Director

    DarrenDoesIt Level 1
      I'm pretty new to Director and I want to refrain from getting into scripting for this simple task:

      I am animating frame by frame with no vectors. I put a .wav file in one of the sound channels and stretch it across the entire animation (few thousand frames) for a scene. Then, no matter where I am in the animation, when I press play the sound starts from the beginning.

      There is no way in hell I'll be able to sync lips with dialogue by playing the entire scene from the beginning every time just to see the sound synced with audio. I want to be able to play the same fraction of a second (several frames) while animating and KNOW WHERE IN THE SOUND I'M AT. I would have thought this expensive program would at least display the spectrogram or something, much less not play the audio from the beginning when I'm in the middle of the sound sprite. I've prerecorded the entire sound score in one Audacity file and exported it as a .wav to Director. I don't want to use any other sound channels or ques, etc.

      PLEASE HELP, and thank you.