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    Directory Listing from UNIX svr?


      I'm using cfdirectory to try to display (on my web page) the contents of a folder on a UNIX server. On that UNIX server permissions are set using SAMBA to allow full access to my web server.


      Problem is the listing brings up nothing. it works just fine when I point the directory listing to a windows server.


      This is a first for me so I'd appreciate any and all help.



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          ilssac Level 5

          Double and triple check all the permissions on the Unix server AND the SAMBA configuration and then kick the SAMABA share, I.E. refresh it...


          We have a lot of particular troubles with our SAMABA where the admin has to go in a couple three times to get it to recognize a new share and give up the goods to the proper users.


          But why are you bothering with the SAMABA anyway?  Is there some reason not to just go directly to the server in question with //unixServer/directory/path in your <cfdirectory...> tag?

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            rod_lethal Level 1

            Well, here is what my tags look like:


            <cfdirectory = "//unixserver122/incoming/mertix/north_division" 

            Sort="datelastmodified desc">


            where it says unixserver122 I actually have the IP... I just dont want to post it on here.


            When I point the <Cfdirectory tag to a Windows based machine I get the directory to pull up just fine. Is there something I'm missing?

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              Dan Bracuk Level 5

              Could be because unix is case sensitive and windows is not.


              Or it could be something else.

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                ilssac Level 5

                As Dan says, case sensitivity and permissions are the first two things to check, but I do what you are trying to do with syntax you are showing (except I use server names rathen then ip addresses) all the time.  We have a mix of Unix and Windows servers here and have no trouble reading accross the network just like that.


                Just make sure when looking at permissions, if they are being locked to particular user and|or groups that the CF server trying to run the <cfdirectory...> is running as a user that has permissions.  By default a Windows CF server is configured to run as 'localSystem' which has plenty of read permissions to the Windows server it is on but none to any other network resources.

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                  rod_lethal Level 1

                  My web server has been granted the pemissions to read the files on the UNIX server via a username and password...


                  Are there any permission set i need to adjust within CF Administrator?

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                    ilssac Level 5

                    What do you mean by "your web server"?


                    What exactly has been given what permission?


                    Are you talking about the user that your ColdFusion Windows Service as been configured to use?

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                      rod_lethal Level 1

                      Thanks for the help guys, but I still cant see the directory listing.


                      Are there any permissions/settings/web services within CFA that I may need to configure?


                      Right now my webserver (which hosts IIS, CF etc) has read and right permissions to the UNIX server that is running SAMBA, and using Windows explorer I can see/modify files and create directories.

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                        mack_ Level 3

                        Coldfusion runs as the Local System account by default on Windows and

                        I think that the local system account can access only anonymous