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    External SWF loads but disappears when masked


      Hi all


      I hope someone can help me out. I have an external SWF file that I am loading into my main movie. This file is a single frame SWF that contains a bitmap image (PNG with transparency). I'm loading it with "MovieClipLoader" and loading it into a holding movie clip called "pic_holder". The load is successful and the images display.


      I then created an animated mask and masked the holding clip "pic_holder". Now the image does not display after loading. If I replace "pic_holder" with a movie clip containing an image it is masked successfully. So the mask works fine.


      So I then created a movie clip to hold the holding clip called "image1" and put my "MovieClipLoader" function within this movie clip. So the external SWF is now loaded into: _root.image1.pic_holder. "image1" is now masked. The external SWF loads and displays and is masked. Problem is that now everytime the mask reaches a keyframe the external SWF is reloaded and so the images flashes as it is replaced with itself. The layer with "_root.image1.pic_holder" has no key frames so it should not be reloading the external SWF.


      If I remove the animation from the mask the image displays but as soon as a keyframe is added to the mask layer the issue returns.


      Any ideas? It's driving me nuts.





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          So with a little help from a few friends we found the bug. The masks were shapes that were shape tweened. Converting the masks to movieclips and tweening the movie clips solved the issue.


          Seems the Flash has a bug when dealing with shapes as masks. In my case I'm using simple shapes (rectangles) for the mask to the above fix is fine. Not sure how you would deal with complex shape tweens in you makes. I guess you would have to script them.