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    What is wrong with SetPropertyAction?



      i have a problem with the sequence of a transition :

      i created a new mxml component with one new property called "init" , implemented with get/set and Bindable.

      this new property should be set at the end of a change to a new state("state3") .

      in state3 i do the SetProperty command.

      in the related transition i used SetPropertyAction at the end of a sequence  :



      <mx:Transition fromState="state2" toState="state3" >.

        <mx:Move target="{Comp1}" duration="500" xTo="0" yTo="0" />
        <mx:Resize target="{Comp1}" duration="500" widthTo="0 heightTo="0"/>
        <mx:SetPropertyAction target="{newComp}" name="init" />


      but the change of property "init" is always done as first action of the transition!!


      so i think that my implementation of "init" in the new mxml comp is not in the right way ?

      (something to do with commitProperties() or Bindable in the newComp ?   )


      best regards  axel