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    Activation Reset

    Tal M



      I seem to have the usuall "Too many activations" error while trying to activate ADE, to my knowlage it is a simple activation reset

      but it seems that Adobe support are taking their time vlery easily. it's been over a week since I opened a support case and still no responce.

      Are they usualy this slow? is there a workarround cause I think I'm gonna move on to another provider.



      Tal M

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          dcarrick Level 1



          Be careful - Adobe will just close off your ticket - even without a response...


          The most I have got from them is the response below; and I still cannot activate my AdobeID



          We are sorry for the continued trouble. We are unable to reactivate your
          Adobe IDs. Please let us know if we can provide further assistance or
          information. Thank you.