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    Managing clips in organizer


      Hi there

      I have recently upgraded from Premeiere elements 3 to 4 and now 7. I have uninstalled versions 3 and 4. Now I want to edit my clips that I downloaded using the previous versions of elements in PE 7. When I open the clips in the organizer, they are just a generic box with the file name. When I try to play them, I get a codec not installed (something like that) error.

      I have dowloaded the G-spot codec checker and I have the right codecs installed. I am able to edit the clips but it is so frustating not being able to view them in the organizer window.

      I am having other issues such as the Themes not working. I select a theme, however the "next" button won't highlight (correct term?) and I am unable to click it.

      Thanking you for your help/advice.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          So what format and codec are these video files?


          Is yours by any chance a Vista operating system?


          You may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the program.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If you happened to unistall PE3 & 4, AFTER you installed PE7, the chances are good that you lost a CODEC, or two in that process.


            First thing that I'd do would be a Repair Install of PE7.


            Like Steve, I am curious as to which CODEC's the files use, both Audio and Video.


            Good luck,



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              tnizam Level 1

              Thank you Steve and Hunt for taking an interest in my problem.


              Here is what has happened so far, please bear with me....

              Since I posted my original problem I have uninstalled Premiere Elements 3, 4 and 7. I also downloaded a clean up tool to unistall and clean up a copy of Photoshop CS3 trial I had downloaded. Basically I cleaned out all Adobe products.

              I then reinstalled Premiere Elements 7 as per the instructions, all windows/programs closed, turn off antivirus software during instalation.


              I then ran PE7 again and had the same issue. However.... I had downloaded all my video from my camera to an external hard drive, edited these videos and saved everything to this hard drive. When I opened an older project from this drive I had the same issue, (bear with me); BUT... I notied it was looking for files in a drive designated G, but this drive is labelled F by my computer.

              SO.... I renamed the external hard drive F and voila. everything works.


              In answer to previous questions.... I am running Vista.

              The codec as detected by GSPOT is as follows;

              My avi files from my old camera; Codec dvsd    Name  DCV/DV Video  (have I copied the right information?)

              My avchd files from my fancy new HD camera in a .MTS format; GSpot says it is an MPEG 2 transport stream but it does not show any codecs.(???)


              Is this bad or????


              Looking forward to your replies.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                You *should* have an Adobe MainConcept MPEG CODEC and it should be installed with PE7. I *believe* that this is the CODEC for the ADVHC files (plus all other MPEG-2). Now, I'll warn you that due to some naming conventions, Adobe's CODEC's do not show properly with some CODEC utilities, like Sherlock. They show as broken, but are not. It is just because of something in Adobe's choice of naming convention (cannot recall the exact syntax of this), but everything should be fine. Did G-Spot indicate that you had the correct CODEC on your system? It overlooks that naming convention snafu, and finds the Adobre MainConcept CODEC's fine, at least on all of my machines. I am surprised that G-Spot does not show the MainConcept CODEC for the AVCHD files. I do not shoot that format, so I cannot even check this out for you. Maybe someone who does do HD will chime in and verify what G-Spot shows for their CODEC on AVCHD files. Wish I could help.


                Now, how does PE handle these two formats? Is all working as it should?


                As for your installation, it sounds like you did the right thing, especially running the Adobe CleanScript, since you had the CS3 trial. BTW, the trial does NOT have the MainConcept MPEG CODEC, due to licensing issues. Your reinstallation of PE7 should have added it to your system properly.


                The drive letter problem that you encountered is common with external HDD's. I have a bunch of 1-2TB units, and have assigned static drive letters to each, on the OS of all of my machines. As I have different HDD configurations on each machine, I started with Z:\ and worked backward. Everytime that I plug in drive Z:\, it is assigned that drive letter on each computer, because I have done this with the OS on each machine.


                The Project file is really just an XML "database," with links to all media, and to the operations that you have performed on each segment. When you Save the .PREL (in the case of PE), it notes the location of all Assets. As you found out, if it has linked to F:\ and now the OS sees that drive as G:\ PE is lost. It wants to find them on drive F:\. You have handled this in the proper manner. If you have more than one computer, and are likely to ever plug this drive (or any other externals) into these, make sure to go into the Disk Management area of the OS and re-assign the drive letter appropriately, or you'll have the same issue. I must be done on an OS, by OS basis, as the drive does not carry any reference to the drive letter. The OS assigns by the unique Volume Number of that disk, so it must be set.


                Good luck, and please report how your editing goes with PE,