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    f4v video sometimes working sometimes not


      Hello everyone

      I mostly use flash for animation so in case I have to do something different i got little problems. I hope you can help me.


      I created video and exported it to f4v.

      Video was imported to flash and published.

      Customer wants video file and player skin to be located in directrory "flash".

      I made such setting in component inspector:



      I don't know if everything is correct.

      Everything is working fine when i test movie in flash.

      Everything works fine if I publish movie and test it from hard drive, but only if I upload it to server problem occurs.


      Here is example:


      The place with video is black. But when I hit ctrl + f5 it works fine (firefox). On other computers problem is the same but refreshing page is not helping.


      I hope someone can help with this problem.