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    Mozilla and uploads

    Francisc Level 3

      I know this is an old topic, but I just can't make it work.

      I use FileReference to select a file from the user's computer and pass it to a PHP script that does the upload.

      IE uploads the file correctly.

      Mozilla does not.


      How can I solve this?

      It's a rather urgent issue so any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!

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          Francisc Level 3

          Well... I found the problem. Oddly enough, IE and Mozilla see relative documents differently.

          IE was working and considering the current directory for the SWF the one where the HTML file that loads it is, while Mozilla considers the current directory the one where the SWF file is regardless of where that SWF file is embedded.


          Threw an IO Error in Mozilla but also a HTTPStatusEvent, that is why I tried to move the uploading PHP and see if it works.