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    Kuler Custom Palette Flexibilty

      Hello people,

      I have allready have a custom palette. For me the colors i picked looks very much harmonious with each other aside from traditional harmony rules. So i like my own color relation way. The problem is i want to change my base color to change all while keeping the old relation ship between all. Is there a way to do it?


      I am asking because in custom mode even if you change your base color others are not changing according to the previous relationship. In custom mode it loses its relation ship feeling. Is it because of lack of a function or is there any way to cope with it.


      Any help will be really great

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          Mordy Golding Level 3

          You make a good request. Unfortunately, Kuler doesn't have the ability to "lock" the relationship between custom colors in a color theme. That only exists for the 6 color harmonies that Kuler has. However, if you have Illustrator CS3 or CS4, you can do what you describe easily by creating a color group of any colors you like, and then double click on the group to edit it in the Recolor Artwork dialog box -- there's a lock icon there that will allow you to adjust the base color while keeping the harmony intact.