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    Need Help with Files from Canon 5D Mark II


      I’m having difficulty processing files in PRE7 from my new Canon EOS-5D Mark II camera.  It’s a great camera with ~21.1 megapixels (5616 X 3744) and full HD video (1920 X 1080).

      The video files are MOV (H.264) format and very large (4.75 to 5.0MB per sec).  Previously, I had gotten most of my video from a Sony HD handy cam (AVCHD format and ~2MB per sec).  To date, my clip length is 30 sec or less and my overall video is less than 2 minutes.  PRE7 has a lot of trouble processing these files.  The program frequently hangs or gives a message that I’m exceeding system resources.  My computer is a Dell XPS 720 Quad CPU @2.66 GHz with 4GB of RAM running Vista Home Premium.  I also am running in selective startup with all non Windows services and startup programs disabled

      For stills, I shoot mostly .JPG with the best resolution which yields files of ~5.5 to 8 MB.  I have no difficulty processing these files with PSE7.  If I try to transfer from PSE7 to PRE7 directly I get an error “File video dimensions (width/height) to large.”  And if I drag and drop directly from the PRE7 photo bin I get an error “This type of file is not supported or the required codex is not installed.”  I can preprocess the files in PSE7 to reduce the size to say 1920/1080 and then I have no problems.  I know that in past versions of PRE it was suggested to reduce file size of stills so as not to overload rendering.  Most of my videos are less than 2 minutes with less than 10 and frequently only one or two stills so the rendering time is not a huge concern.  Is there a way to get around the preprocessing step for the stills?