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    Developer needed




      I need to use LR to identify athletes in photos and to input their Bib #s into LR Keywords

      solely with my right hand. Current LR interface requires 3, and sometimes 4 hands.

      (no, I'm not one-handed. Not that there's anything wrong with that.)


      Please see http://tinyurl.com/cgdr5z for an idea of the user experience.


      I need to find a developer who can provide an interface/side window which provides:

      1. Mouse select 1st image in filmstrip (& never touch the mouse again !!)

      2. open/activate the keywords dialog

      3. input (right hand on the numeric pad only) athlete bib # seen in main image window

           a. type '123' into the Keyword field

           b. if there is another athlete in the image Numeric  "+" to make LR add a

           Keywords 'comma' then type '456'

           c. when last number is entered, hit 'Enter' and move to next image and (2.) above.

      4. Bonus points if you can 'export' the image after 3c above rather than batch at the end.

      5. When needed, move forward & back in filmstrip with arrow keys while keeping

         Keyword dialog open.


      Please contact me if interested in building this. I'm a photographer/business guy & have

      no interest/ability in doing this myself.




      Ken Shelton


      email is via the tinyurl above

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          judged by my knowledge of the Lightroom SDK, there is little chance to do this in "native" Lightroom code. On which platform/OS is the solution intended to be used?



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            john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Set up a smart collection (keywords / is empty) and select the first item. Now Ctrl K (Cmd K if Mac), type your keywords, hit enter. Now type in the keywords for the next one.



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              Ken-NJ Level 1

              Sorry for the delay, been busy.


              Herb, this is for a  Win XP Pro system.


              John, your suggestion does get me closer, but the Ctrl-K needs to be entered for each image to open the keyword dialog. The sequence that seems to work is

              Ctrl-K (opens the keyword dialog)

              Type 123


              type 456


              enter again closes keyword dialog

              left arrow to move to next image

              Ctrl-K to open the keyword dialog



              Have tried on a Mac also, same issue.


              It would be helpful/faster/more elegant if I could remap a key near the keypad to send Ctrl-K. The keyboard mappers I have found cannot combine 2 keys.


              Also, is there a way to turn off the 'auto-fill' in preferences? If 1234 is in the keyword history, it tries to fill that in when all I want to enter is 123.





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                john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Ken, are you keying into the little one line area, not the multiline area? I tested my suggestion before posting.



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                  Ken-NJ Level 1

                  John, thanks, yes, the single line keyword entry box just above the 'separator' line between 'Keyword tags' and 'Keyword Suggestions.' Wondering if something in our 'preferences' is different.


                  Having <enter> commit the number and move to the next image may not be the behavior I'm looking for. if there are 2 (or more) runners in the image I need to ID them both/all. So 123 <enter>/move is not preferable to 123 <enter> 456 <enter> 789 <enter> <enter>/commit. in this manner LR puts 123, 456, 789 as keywords separated by commas. Yes, I could type 123 <space> 456 <space> 789 <enter) but that would result in '123 456 789' as one keyword not 3. I have to test whether the system at the lab is looking for spaces or commas or can deal with either.


                  Getting close. Using the right arrow to move to the next image is not a show-stopper. It is right there near the numeric keypad. Ctrl-K to open the dialog on the next image is a bit klugey.


                  Thanks again.



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                    john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Did you set up that smart collection? And instead of "123 enter 456 enter", it should be "123,456 enter".



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                      Ken-NJ Level 1

                      Yes, it is a smart collection. Took 5 test photos today, set up a smart collection called 'test keywords' & filtering for today's date.

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                        john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        And the "123, 456 enter"? As soon as you press enter and commit the entry, as it now has keywords, the image should vanish from the smart collection and the next one should be selected.



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                          Ken-NJ Level 1

                          Ok, I missed the 'make the keywords filter "Keywords" "are empty"  filter part.


                          It works. Tested with the printing lab's server and it does not care if it is a comma or a space between the number groups, it treats them as individual numbers and they are individually sortable.


                          John, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This forum is a great resource!