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    Flash Clarity for posting to Web


      Well, I've managed to create movies and post them on the web. So not bad. The big question that I now have is how the heck to I keep the clarity of the original movie file. Here's what I'm using


      1. Created images in Photoshop

      2. Loaded images to Windows Movie Maker Timeline - saved as .swf

      3. Converted to.flv with Free Studio Manager 2.2

      4. Created Flash file in Adobe Flash CS4 Pro - added .flv to timeline

      5. Added skin

      6. Pointed Path to .flv in Flash

      7. Saved as .fla and .flv and uploaded .fla, .flv and .swf to server


      I am wondering if I have to keep the image size correct coming into the Windows Movie maker somehow, and then keeping the video sizes

      consistant throughout the remainder of the process?



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          Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2


          Since you are moving between programs, you should make sure that the setting of each program ensures that the output siz eis the same as the source.


          Hope this helps!!


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            rsabba2066 Level 1



            I've been searching high and low to understand NTSC vs. PAL etc.


            IN Window Movie Maker how do you keep the ratio correct once you drop the images in ie. I read the images should be 720 x 480 going in so all 25 of the images I used to create my movie in Windows Movie Maker are 720 x 480 and the output shoud be NTSC 4:3.


            So how does this NTSC affect image quality?


            Then I convert using DVDVIDEOSOFT converter, the .wmv to .fla and upload it to Adobe Flash.


            So there's that issue- how does the converter maintain quality?


            Then there's the issue of Adobe Flash CS4, do not know what units to output on this software 720 x 480 or NTSC 4:3?


            And if I decide to increase the size in Adobe Flash on the layers how does that affect the quality?


            Then I have to size the player in HTML for my webpage.


            Do I add something to the heigth to offset for the skin(play,pause etc. on bottom)?


            thanks, thoroughly confused.