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    AIR webkit javascript/something(?) issue

      I'm running into an issue running an application inside of AIR, testing with Spinr. I want to access Splunk, which has a web-based searching and administrative interface. I've been using http;//interop.demo.splunk.com as a quick and dirty test base.


      If I access the demo in Spinr (http://spinr.raysquare.com/download ), which is AIR-based, there are multiple noteworthy (and obvious) limitations - after logging in, if you hit <enter> in the search bar (or click search) to search for any matching value, there's a timeline view and a scrolling effect that don't function.


      If I access the same demo in Chrome 1.x or 2.x (which have earlier and later webkit versions) and Firefox (obviously entirely different), the same features work (others have also accessed them with Safari). They seem to be javascript related, perhaps deeper, thankfully I don't have that level of knowledge about how the application functions


      I'm not sure if I should just report a bug or what, since I'm not sure what the issue actually is - but it seems specific to something in the AIR version of webkit, not webkit itself (given that Chrome's 1.x user agent reports an earlier version by number).


      It seems there wasn't a webkit update between AIR 1.5.0 and 1.5.1, and I'm not sure when to expect the next one - that might resolve my issue without major additional effort.


      Input welcome - a resource, more information, possible knowledge about what it could be so I could provide Splunk with more info to possibly develop a workaround...

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          Dragos GEORGITA Adobe Employee


          We usually update WebKit in AIR for major releases. That's why there are no major differences (besides those mentioned in release notes - mostly bug fixes) between AIR 1.5 and AIR 1.5.1


          There is a javascript error in that application that is preventing the timeline to load correctly under AIR 1.5.1 (it seems to work with AIR 1.1). That makes me think it may be a WebKit issue in the version that AIR 1.5.1 uses.


          Next major AIR release is going to have a newer version of WebKit. Though I can't give you much details on when it's going to come out.


          Best regards,

          Dragos Georgita | Adobe AIR Engineering