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    Integration with Soundbooth CS4


      Is is possible to integrate Soundbooth CS4 into Premiere Elements 7 (or will it only work with CS4 products)?  I'm wanting to eliminate/minimise background sounds from a video, is it possible to do so using Premiere Elements 7 or will I need a CS4 product?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I use PrPro CS2 and Audition, and do not have either CS4 suite, or Soundbooth, so take my comments with a big grain of "salt."


          I do not believe that PE7 will directly interface with Soundbooth, as will PrPro CS4. That said, you can do the interface with a slight workaround:


          Choose your Audio Clip and Render Replace. This is what basically happens, with the direct interface, though it happens "behind the scenes." Now, you have generated a WAV file for your particular Audio Clip. That file can be opened and edited in Soundbooth (or Audition, etc.), and when you do a Save, it will be updated.


          Having your file associations set in your OS, i.e. Soundbooth associated with WAV, will speed up the process, by eliminating other possible Audio editing software from the mix, but you will still need to manually launch Soundbooth and open the new WAV file. The "Edit in Soundbooth," will not appear, when you Rt-click on the Audio Clip, like it will in CS4, or as "Edit in Audition," as it does in my CS2 suite.


          If Soundbooth is set in the file associations for WAV, then Edit Original should open SB, and then Open the WAV file.


          Good luck,