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    Problems with effects ans resolution




      I try to make my personal site but I have some problems I can't find


      First, I want to make a transition, here's my code :





           <mx:State name="AgdParcours">

                <mx:SetProperty target="{BoxParcours}" name="height" value="317"/>

                <mx:SetProperty target="{HParcours}" name="height" value="317"/>

                <mx:SetProperty target="{HRealisations}" name="y" value="168"/>

                <mx:SetProperty target="{BoxRealisations}" name="y" value="168"/>

                <mx:SetProperty target="{VCV}" name="y" value="250"/>

                <mx:SetProperty target="{BoxCV}" name="y" value="250"/>

                <mx:SetProperty target="{VLoisirs}" name="y" value="250"/>

                <mx:SetProperty target="{BoxLoisirs}" name="y" value="250"/>

                <mx:SetProperty target="{linkButtonParcours}" name="label" value="RŽduire"/>

                <mx:SetEventHandler target="{linkButtonParcours}" name="click" handler="currentState=''"/>





           <mx:Transition fromState="*" toState="*">

                <mx:Parallel targets="{[BoxParcours, HParcours, HRealisations, BoxRealisations, VCV, BoxCV, VLoisirs, BoxLoisirs, VUnivers,                               BoxUnivers, VContacts, BoxContacts]}">

                     <mx:Move duration="10000"/>

                     <mx:Resize duration="10000"/>







      Actually, the effect looks good but there's a bug I can't explain... Here's the result  when I click on the button in the Parcours Box in the bottom right :


      Cliché 2009-04-28 10-27-43.tiff

      There's a transition but it looks bad and after the transition it looks like this :


      Cliché 2009-04-28 10-28-16.tiff

      Well the transition looks good here. But do you know why is there this problem apparently from the box




      Secondly, as you can see in the second picture, there's a problem of resolution. Here's my code of my Canvas :



      <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" width="1000" height="1314">



      And I can put any numbers in Width and height, it's the same result. Do you know why ?


      Thank you