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    Refactoring tools for Flex Builder Gumbo


      I would like to see Flex Builder Gumbo actually have some really useful refactoring tools. Some starters are:


      Generate get and set methods for a field

      Insert property (defines provate variable and get and set methods)

      Extract method (I want to do this all the time and its frustrating by hand)

      Replace merthod code duplicates (Goes hand in hand with extract method)

      Move and copy that actually rename the class and set the name space correctly


      There are lots of others that would be nice but I don;t want to set my hopes too high.



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          Scott Evans (Adobe) Adobe Employee



          Generate getter/setter is in this release, as well as class moving.


          The others are not currently planned for Flash Builder 4, but I'm with you; I want more refactoring-type features in future releases as well, and we're actively discussing it. So please go ahead and log enhancement requests for any features that you can't already find in Jira!



          Scott Evans

          Sr. Computer Scientist, Flash Builder

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            TimSymons Level 1

            Are those refactoring tools working with in the Beta release? I downloaded and installed it specifically because it said that it would be supporting Move refactoring but it does not seem to work. I have update and started new projects but the refactoring still seems to be the same as in Flex 3.


            I am using the plug-in version of FB4 but instead of having it install with my installation of Eclipse 3.4 I had it install with the version it was bundled with, if that makes a difference.




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              Jason San Jose Adobe Employee

              Hi Tim,


              To access move refactoring, you need to be in the Flash Builder Package Explorer (not to be confused with the view of the same name from the JDT). To be sure, go into Window > Open Perspective > Other..., Flash and then Window > Reset Perspective.


              Also, you can access Move refactoring by right clicking on a Class or Interface name and choose Refactor > Move...


              If either of those fail, please file a bug. Thanks!


              Jason San Jose

              Quality Engineer, Flash Builder