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    Multiple levels of merged webhelp output files

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      I am putting the finishing touches to a merged webhelp structure for a project we have started. Currently we are still producing CHMs as our primary layout but we will (eventually) be producing both CHMs and WebHelp output. I am just getting the project structure in place prior to adding content. All is working well except for one element.


      We have a child project (let us call it "Project 2A") that will sit inside another child project (let us call that "Project 2"). So the TOC structure would be something like:


      Parent Project

           Project 1

           Project 2

                Project 2A

           Project 3


      The underlying directory structure uses the method outlined on Peter Grainge's site. What I'm wondering though is whether the output directory for the Project 2A should be something like:


      C:\Source\projectname\webhelp\mergedProjects\Project 2\mergedProjects\Project 2A\project 2a.htm


      I've tried both this and having the Project 2A in the top level of mergedProjects to no avail. Can anyone help a poor old CHM addict with an area he is less familiar with .


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