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    packageForPrint and Link Files

    Alec Wadey



      For one of our clients we are using the above function to create an INDD file from an INX file.  It all works fine until the InDesign Server is on a different box geographically from the files in the link folder.  I appreciate the files have to be pulled from the original location onto the InDesign Server to create the INDD file (or at least I am assuming that is the case), but currently the code is copying the files back to the original server for the link folder, which we don't need (files and links are held in a 3rd party app outside of InDesign).


      Anyway, theanswer was to change the parameters so the link folder isn't created - easy!  However, in doing this, my Instructions.txt file no longer contains the filenames of the missing files which it did when I was copying the link files across as well.  My question therefore is, is there an easy way to generate an INDD fle from an INX file without creating the links folder but still getting the information from somewhere over which files are missing (rather than the current "Links and Images: 8 Links Found; 0 Modified, 1 Missing" without the list underneath!


      Thanks in advance - the only way I can currently see myself achieving the goal is to check if there are missing links and then use packageForPrint AND generate the links folder - thus enabling me to interrogate the Instructions.txt and get the file names - slight overkill methinks!





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          Hi all,


          I think maybe I have over complicated this post


          Basically my question is, when I call the packageForPrint method why is the list of files missing in the instructions.txt depending on whether you check the "Copy Linked Graphics" - parameter when exporting a Package.