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    Startup-Crash of AE CS4 on new MacPro


      Hi there,


      We've experienced a huge problem with AE CS4: After installing a 3rd party plug-in (MBL), AE refused to start and crashed while initialising the media kernel.


      We've tried everything to get it up and running again, but nothing seems to work: Uninstall AE, Re-install AE, Update AE to 9.0.1, removed all plug-ins and extensions, repaired rights etc. AE still crashes on startup/initialising


      Anybody has an idea or similar experiences?


      Our config:


      MacPro 2,93 GHz

      16 GB RAM (build-in by Apple)

      2x 1 TB internal drives (build-in by Apple)

      ATI 4780 HD Graphic

      1x 30" Display

      1x 23" Display (via MiniDisplay Port)

      Mac OS X 10.5.6


      Thanks you so much,