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    Error when creating new project


      When creating a new project in Premiere CS4 I was able to select all the settings for the new project and also named it but when I entered the new project workspace I got a message in the Project Settings box that said there was an error communicating with the server.  The new project appears to have been created because I can enter it but when I do I get the same error message.  I currently do not have the computer connected to a network so I'm not sure what server it is looking for.  I was able to successfully create a new project a couple of days ago and again was able to create a new project this morning without an error message.  However, everytime I tried to create a new project last night (using the same steps as this morning) gave me the same error message.  I am new to Premiere and although it seemed to be working fine this morning I fear that I will run into this problem again.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.