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      Sorry for my ignorance, and for posting someting that is not specific to PE, but how does one search just in this new forum.  The search box at the top right returns results from ALL Adobe forums.  I must be missing something.  Hoped that the "Overview" button at the top right would help, but it appears to have no function.

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          Kodebuster Level 3


          I don't think your missing anything, I've noticed the same thing with the search function.


          I have noticed a number of weird things, but I'm not sure there is any process to post them and actually have someone from Adobe respond or correct.


          I think the Forum interface questions go into the bit bucket because Officially Adobe does not monitor the content, it is done on a volenteer basis,


          Maybe someone can enlighten us in this area.


          (Keep in mind that I'm use to the Forum Software used by Muvipix, which is head and heels better than this interface)...

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            Kodebuster Level 3

            See what I mean by weird.


            I typed in the word bucket above, and it entered stars.


            Since when is bucket a profanity...lol...

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              Kodebuster Level 3

              Wow, if your trying to decifer the word above it starts with a B and sounds like ucket, and holds water...

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                RedSanders Level 1

                Thanks for reminding me about the Muvipix forum.  I really had forgotten about it, and out of habit have been coming here.  I'm gonna try utilizing it more.  The responses here are great, but one should not have to struggle with the forum format!  Regarding searches, only after one has performed a search does the resulting page present a dropdown in which the search results can be filtered specifically to an Adobe product.  I don't see a workaround, and the dropdown is lengthy.  Only "shortcut" that I have found is to save a link to a search, then enter a different word the next time you perform a search.  VERY poor design if tht is what we are stuck with.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  The new fora have a slightly "wonky" Search function. It is a "work in progress," and is being changed. In the meantime, you can initiate your Seach, then choose "Options" below. There, through a very long drop-down list, limit the Search to specific fora. Sometimes, this works, but sometimes it just flat does not. You can also limit the Search by the person posting (can be useful, if you know who wrote something). Also, Google still often yields the old Adobe forum links, and those are now dead. This will likely change, when the Google-bots (and Yahoo, etc.) finally get around to re-cataloging the posts via new Adobe forum links - at least I'm hopeful that it will improve.


                  Good luck to us all,



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                    Kodebuster Level 3

                    """It is a "work in progress," and is being changed."""


                    If we come across issues or anomolies, any idea on how best to bring them to Adobe's attention.


                    Is there a running thread on one of the Forums ???


                    The feedback link at the bottom goes to JiveSpace and I don't think anybodies at home there.




                    Hmmmm, let me test the word B U C K E T, once more...






                    I guess they still don't like it.


                    I mean, it is in the dictionary, or I'm I having a senior moment (again)...lol...

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      This is probably a good place to start.



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                        RedSanders Level 1

                        From what I have gathered here, Adobe doesn't give a flip about what goes on here.  I guess we should feel blessed that they even offer it.  Some of the veterans can better comment on this...but seems like they are the ones that have stated this.



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                          Kodebuster Level 3

                          Hunt, thanx for the link, you da man...

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Though I am less a fan of the new forum structure, Adobe has exhibited concern. This started back several months ago, when they did several surveys of forum users. Many responded. Wish lists were compiled. Many, myself included, allowed as how we really liked the structure, at that time. Many more wanted various changes.


                            Adobe did a "preview" of the new fora, and solicited responses. Again, many responded and the "reviews" were across the board. Still, I was in the "keep the old fora camp." More liked what they saw, and suggested additional changes. Some of these made it to the final product.


                            I do have to admit that there are some Pros, amongst my Cons. The attached files section is great. The new, easier to use HTML embedding is very nice. I did suggest allowing replies directly to individual posts - and got that, though I have found out there can be downsides, even though many fora, that I frequent do similar. The loss of the old "red flags," and the "New" banners can lead to some confusion (for me at least), when there are plenty of replies to replies, and only the last one shows up in "Last Post." Moral to me - be careful what you wish for.


                            Adobe is still hosting discussions on the new structure and they are actively working with the software developer to enhance the product. Changes are being made.


                            I have to admit that I learn something about the new fora almost each day. Maybe in time, I'll feel as comfortable, as I did with "my old friend."


                            Trust me, when I say that Adobe does care. Whether they'll make us all happy is a totally different issue.


                            Even with the new features, if I could turn back the clock, I'd do it, just before implementation. However, I lived through the earlier forum change, and saw so much great material disappear for ever, and would not want that to happen. At least they were able to save much of what has taken place in the last 2 years (+/-) since that ill-fated experiment.


                            I'd urge everyone to become involved in the discussions on the new fora. Read what has been written already.