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    swf to video




      Is there a way to convert a swf-file to some video format on a linux server? We have swf animations that we customize using flasvars. They play without problem in a webbrowser. For a new workflow we need these animations as a video (mpg avi or something).


      How can that be done?



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          RossRitchey Level 4

          There should be several options for you if you google around enough.


          One option that I have used in the past is http://www.media-convert.com - a service that will convert almost any media to almost any other media for free.  The conversion happens on their servers, and they give you a link to download the converted file.


          If you have the FLA files, you can export the SWFs as videos directly from Flash, using File / Export / Export Movie

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            thommyfilm Level 1



            Thanks for this very useful remark about google. I did extensive googling but found no solution that worked. Please read the text: We need a solution that works ON A LINUX SERVER.