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    Event load problem

    Menno Cornelissen
      Hi all !

      I am currently working on a website and I have a problem. I want to do a request to the backend before the application loads and wait for it to complete. This is a query to get some settings needed in de flex application.

      But when I add the code for instance in the initialize property of the main application. The event is fired. But It will not wait for it to complete. The rest of the application will load. But not with the correct loaded settings. The settings ArrayCollection will get filled, but after the rest of the application is loaded completely.

      Is there anyway to do this , am I missing something ?

      Any help is more than welcome!

      Kind regards,

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          Michael Borbor Level 4
          Remember that Flex works asyncronously so it doesn't wait for an event to complete in order to move to the next one. I think you could add a viewstack with a progress bar to indicate that you're loading something and then in the result handler you could change the viewstack to reveal your app with the data loaded.