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    Flex Dashboard in Offline mode - Urgent Help Required!!!




      I am pretty new to flex. Just started to work on it from 2 months.So here is the problem.


      I have a dashboard that is created in excel which uses an access database (.mdb file) to filter out the queries and show the output in graphs and tables.

      So to get this working on clients machine, we send the dashboard and the access file to the client and these two has to be in the same folder in order to work.


      I have recreated the dashboard in Flex using a JSP backend, converted the mdb database into SQL script and loaded into mySQL server and everything works fine. So i save as swf and it works fine too.


      But, I just want to know is there any way i can create the dashboard so that the client can use it in offline mode.. as in the client doesnt have to install SQL server or tomcat or anything on his machine..he just needs the use it like the excel dashboard..unzip and use it .


      And one more thing there is a trend line feature in excel for the linechart ..is there any similar thing to that in Flex?


      Thanks in advance