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    When I try to resume adobe manager reader download I get an add-on error


      my computer is a Windows Vista (64 Bit) Sp1

      It already had adobe reader 9 installed, but I decided to install Adobe Reader 9.1.


      I don't know if it's the same version so this is what happened.


      I downloaded adobe reader 9.1 and then I paused it and turn off the computer. The next day I tried to resume the Adobe Reader 9.1 with the adobe reader manager that was in my desktop, but I got an error message saying an add-on was being used and it had to close.  Everytime I resume it always closes.  I tried deleting the add-on ( get_atlcom Class, which is the add-on you have to download in order to get adobe reader 9.1)  and installing it again, but the same Adobe Manager page that pops up with the add-on error comes on my screen.


      this is the message that i get from the add-on error




      get_atlcom Class


      Company Name: Adobe


      Description DLM


      it's something like that


      can anyone help me with this error.


      Or can I just simply remove(uninstall) adobe reader 9 and try to install it again?


      thank you