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    Internet Explorer shows blank embedded swf until mouseover


      This is my first experiment in Flex.  I love Flex so far.  Everything works great in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera!


      Not surprisingly, something has to screw up in Internet Explorer to ruin my day.  The embedded swf shows up as a black area until the user mouses over it... then everything works fine.  This seems to be happening in both IE7 and IE8.  It's not a show stopper, but it's seriously annoying...




      I have Flash Player 9 installed locally for use with Flex Builder.  The html and javascript to launch the swf is straight out of Flex Builder's generated file, which I copied into my own html.


      The only difference is I added a 'FlashVars','var1=Math.random()' from what I read on this Adobe bug report (didn't help):



      Sorry if this is caused by something obvious, but I couldn't find anything matching my problem after about two hours of googling and experimenting.  Thanks sincerely for any help.


      Lester Burlap