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    Unable to open PDF created using Office 2007 and Save as PDF


      Since going to Adobe 9.1 we are having problems opening PDFs when using Office 2007 to create them.  In one case it was doing the Save as PDF from Office 2007.  In a second test I loaded Adobe Standard 9 and than used the Create PDF associated with Office 2007.  In both cases we are unable to open the PDF.


      What I ended up doing was finding out that if I open Adobe Reader and than select Edit - Preferences - and close out of preferences I am able to open the document fine - once.  This is weather I save the document to the C drive or open from a link on the Intranet.


      To make things even worse, it's not happening on all PCs.  And it is very random.  At my desk for testing is a PC running Office 2007 with XP that works fine.  Another running Office 2003 and XP that doesn't work, and a last station that is running Vista, Office 2007 and doesn't work.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am out of ideas.