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    Problems printing published topics


      I'm sure this is a very basic question, but not being a programmer, I find myself learning as I go with RoboHelp. (Right now I'm using RoboHelp HTML6 - am hoping to upgrade to 8 in the near future.)


      When printing a published topic, the right margins are cut off. I know this happens often when printing from the internet, but am wondering what I can do to keep this from happening when users print topics to read offline. Is there a way to program the topics so they print the entire text (and pictures - the Help files are full of screen shots).


      Right now, the only thing I can tell people to do is set the margins in Page Setup to 0. That seems to work, but adds an extra step for the user.


      Again, I'm more of a writer than a technical person, but I do have access to people who have more programming/IT experience.


      You've been a great help in the past - I hope someone can do it for me again.