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    FsCommand Execution


      I am having an issue with Fscommand executing a program when called.


      This is the code i am using


      fscommand("exec","\2090 WIP\2090_wip_ch04.exe");


      Everything works fine if i dont have to naviagate down the tree to get to the folder which has the program i want. But the folders make for a cleaner tree. According to adobes web site you should be able to naviagte down a tree so i must have screwed somthing up and am just not seeing it.


      My folder structure is as follows.


      \fscommand\2090 WIP\2090_wip_ch04.exe


      I have tried using both the ..\, to go up a level, and .\ to go down a level and still nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be the issue ? This info came from a flash MX forum so is it outdated ?