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    Printing to PDF Writer using VBA from MS Access


      I have the printer properties for the Adobe PDF Writer set to use a default output folder on my desktop, and to not prompt for a filename.  I have a loop in MS Access VBA that sends about 3000 individual reports to the PDF Writer, one after the next after the next.


      The code in Access modifies the reports "caption" to include the employee number for the record it is on... that caption becomes the name of the report in the print queue... and the PDF Writer uses that as the filename!  Each one has a different filename and eventually it prints all my reports.


      Recently I have been getting an error from MS Access that says "Error 2212.  Could not print your report."  It stops the print run and I have to reset and pick up where it left off.  Sometimes it prints 50 sometimes it prints 2500 before it hits that error.  Sometimes it takes 5 or tries to get the job completed.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be going on?



      Access 2003 SP3 on Windows XP Pro SP3, each upgraded with all MS Windows/Office updates.  Adobe Acrobat 7, upgraded to 8, upgraded incrimentally to 8.14


      Thank you for any advice. . .




      P.S. I posted this in another forum and it was suggested I ask here.