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    Simulation Capture Problem CP4 - last character in text box cut off.


      This is somewhat difficult for me to explain, but here is what we are experience. The issue we are having is when capturing a demonstration or simulation of our Windows based form in Captivate 4, occasionally the last character of text in a text box field appears to be cut off unless an extra space is added after the character. However, after advancing to the next field in the capture, the complete text does appear in the previous field. So it is actually capturing the text but for some reason it is not showing on the previous slide capture when that text box is active. We are capturing at a resolution of 1024x768.


      Has anyone experienced this behavior? If so what was the solution?

      Thank you.



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          macrofireball Level 3

          Hi Kyle,


          Yes, I have seen this one numerous times. Sometimes I find that pressing the Print Screen key after I have finished typing can help ensure that all the  characters are captured correcty. Pressing the PrntScn enables you to capture manually and is something that many Captivate users prefer to do rather than rely on Captivate's automatic capture engine.


          To be fair, if you own Adobe Captivate 4, then you might find that the new Capture interim screenshot feature (located in the Preferences dialog) might capture all the text for you automatically. Though I have to say that I still prefer to press PrtScn just to be on the safe side.




          Best - Mark