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    recording mode

      I've just started to learn Captivate... I'm recording a software demo. What is the best recording mode to use? I've used the full motion recording, and not sure if I should be using the "Demonstration" recording mode instead.

      Newbie looking for help! Thanks
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          Personally I would choose Demonstration mode, because it allows you to have more control over timeline editing. Once you start recording in Full motion, you are creating a single linear movie (until you pause or end).

          So In both modes you are recording everything. The difference is in Demo mode you can remove a slide or a background or object that doesn't fit or doesn't flow. Also you can include full motion captures in Demo mode, (check out the recording settings), and I would for any action that requires real time action, like scrolling, and clicking and dragging.

          Hope this helps,

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            wendyiswired Level 1
            Thanks - appreciate the help.