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    Update parameter issue


      I have "createed an application from database" (php, mysql), and some neat autoscripts are given to me.

      I could all "understand" them, and they worked also fine when ported to other projects, but I have one SMALL PROBLEM:


      There is NO part where the implemented "update" function is used, so I don't know how to use it!


      given is e.g.:




      /////////////////////////////////// IF YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH THIS CODE> JUST CUT THROUGH THIS RED TAPE////////////////////////////



      private function fill():void
            * find the order parameters
           var desc:Boolean = false;
           var orderField:String = '';
               var col:DataGridColumn = dataGrid.columns[orderColumn];
               desc = col.sortDescending;
               //remove the 'Col' particle
               orderField = col.dataField.substr(0,col.dataField.length-3);


          dataGrid.enabled = false;


          var parameters:* =
               "orderField": orderField,
               "orderDirection": (desc) ? "DESC" : "ASC",
               "filter": filterTxt.text
            * execute the server "select" command
           doRequest("FindAll", parameters, fillHandler);


      and the corresponding:


      public function doRequest(method_name:String, parameters:Object, callback:Function):void
           // add the method to the parameters list
           parameters['method'] = method_name;


          gateway.request = parameters;


          var call:AsyncToken = gateway.send();
           call.request_params = gateway.request;


          call.handler = callback;




      ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////


      I guess I should change "findAll" to "update" as such functions are declared in the PHP script, but, as said I don't know how to use them / what to pass


      please provide help,



      PS: Sample of the php update function is in the attachment.