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    Force Relative Pathname in Robohelp v7





      I have a an issue with finding reference files within a topic that reside in the same directory

      as the topic. I have all my help files arranged in separate folders according to their category.

      When a topic is invoked from one of these folders, any files referenced in the topic that

      does not have a relative pathname (i.e. ../image/file.gif) is not recognized. In other words,

      files defined as "file.gif" is not displayed. So, to resolve this issue, in Robohelp, I hard-coded

      the relative path (i.e. ../currentdir/file.gif) and this resolved my issue. But after generating

      webhelp, any relative paths for the current directory is stripped from the output file. I thought

      about putting all my .gif files in the same folder. But there are times when I reference non-gif

      files from the same directory and thus the same problem.


      Is there anything I can do in Robohelp to force the relative pathnames when referencing

      files in topics?


      Hard-coded relative pathname - before generating webhelp

      <p><img src



      " x-maintain-ratio=TRUE

      usemap=#MAP310282690 style="border: none; width: 852px; height: 384px; float: none;

      border-style: none; border-style: none;" width=852 height=384 border=0></p>

      After generating webhelp

      <p><img src="




      " x-maintain-ratio="TRUE" usemap="#MAP310282690" width="852px" height="384px" border="0" class="img_whs1"></p>


      Any help would be appreciated.