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    build twice and end up with different swf files

    gord cody



      Working in release mgmt, one of my many jobs is to ensure that we can reliably reproduce

      what will be delivered to a customer.


      We are using flexbuilder3 in a windows/maven development environment.

      I check out the code from svn and run mvn clean install. This generates

      a war file that contains swf files among other things.

      I move that war file aside and run mvn clean install a second time.


      When I compare the 2 wars, I see  that the swf files are different in the 2 versions.

      As swf files are binary it is extremely difficult to determine if the only difference

      between the 2 is timestamps.


      My initial guess is that this is related to something i see in the maven output from flex "-metadata.date dd-mmm-yyyy".

      What can I do to eliminate these differences?


      Usual apologies if this is a newbie thing.


      Regards, Gord