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    Cannot transfer to Sony e-reader - Resource too long


      Up to now I've never had a problem downloading books (mostly from Waterstones) or transferring them to my Sony PRS 505 but I recently bought one book which looks fine in Digital Editions but won't transfer to the reader.  The title shows up on the reader but there is only one page and this shows a page error.  Under item info. in Digital Editions it has a little warning triangle and says "document contains a resource which is too long".  There is a tech note on this on Adobe which has this to say:



      This is a known limitation of the Sony® Reader at this time.

      I contacted Waterstones support because I felt that since their ebooks are specifically targeted to the Sony reader they should make sure that this problem doesn't arise.  The first response just told me to make sure I had Digital Editions downloaded and when I explained my problem again I was told they were not technically trained for the transfer of the Adobe to the eReader and couldn't advise me further.


      I wonder if anyone could advise me if there is anything else I can do.  I love my eReader but I can't manage to read a book on my PC.


      Thanks in advance,