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    after effects and widescreen exporting...


      i am about to punch a hole through my computer screen if i cannot get this fixed.  this is the situation.


      i filmed widescreen 24p footage with my canon xl2.  i edited all the footage in adobe premiere in a widscreen 24p project.  i then exported the footaged when edited as a widescreen 24p uncompressed video file.  i then imported it into after effects and made a composition that is widescreen 24p.  i did my edits, added my effects and now i am ready to export a final version.  when i go to "make movie" and check all the settings, everytime i export the video it does not export it as widescreen.  it always is squished and has the black bars on the sides.  i have been screwing with this for the last 3 days and i am about to pull my hair out.  how do i get a widescreen project exported as widescreen????


      thank you for your help.


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If your rendering to DV codec there's no place to set a widescreen tag. I'm assuming that the black bars you're referring to are in Premiere. If so, you need to check footage interpretation in Premiere and set it to widescreen. The pixels don't change, only the interpretation of the pixels.


          If you're bringing the footage back into AE it will most likely be interpreted as 4:3. Here again you just need to check interpretation.


          In the future please let us know what codec you're using and what your project size is. It helps diagnose problems.

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            everythingtonothing.com Level 1

            okay, well no, in premiere it is widescreen footage and project and no black bars show.  i think i figured it out.  i had a break in the clips in premiere where there was just space between each clip.  i put black video in there and i think it fixed it.  must have been thinking there was different footage in there or something.